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Timely Medicine Delivery

Medicine delivery.

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Health packages.


Apoyo assures quality health care services to you and your loved ones. We are a team dedicated in providing verified professionnel for all your health needs. We are very stringent on the quality of service that is rendered. With services like medicine delivery, pathology tests and our uniquely designed health packages we ensure that “your health always remains our priority”.


Medicine Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Apoyo makes it easy to avail your medicines from home by simply uploading your prescription and providing the necessary details that would be required for the delivery.

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Pathology Test

Pathology Tests

With Apoyo, you can select a suitable medical test from a wide range of options, book an appointment and avail the test report either through an SMS/ Email.

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Consult a Doctor

Consult a Doctor

Apoyo lets you browse through and schedule an appointment with experienced doctors.

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Health Delivery

Health Packages

Apoyo offers several health packages with each package having a unique feature associated with it.

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